Right next to the steading is Craighall Den; a great place for a stroll but also with some hidden history.

As a SSSI Craighall Den, is an upland mixed ash woodland lying in the valley of the Craighall Burn. Just 1km south of Ceres, it represents one of the largest and best remaining examples of semi-natural woodland in north-east Fife.

The limekiln at Craighall Den is category B listed. It is one of few surviving examples in anything like original condition. Fine, architecturally significant structures of this type and scale, with little or no apparent alterations, are important features in the landscape and are becoming increasingly rare. This example produced lime for fertiliser, and ceased production as early as 1837.

Craighall Den, together with the site of the Craighall Castle, was gifted to Fife Council by Colonel Hope of Luffness.

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